Find the right funding

You want to ensure the necessary funds for your development but you don’t know where to start? Here are some tips to get started.

The bare necessities…

You have great ambitions for your company and you need to make significant investments in personnel and in equipment? Perhaps you even have to face expenses to protect your intellectual property? All this is expensive and your own funds are not enough to finance your growth. Ideally you will find the necessary funds from banks and public institutions where you can present your projects in order to obtain debt and subsidies.

And more!

If the banks are not willing to lend you the full amount needed and if the amounts obtained in subsidies are not sufficient, you can consider a capital increase, i.e. an injection of funds into the company by which new shares will be created. Finding investors willing to carry out this capital increase is a project in itself. Each company, young or mature, active in a technological or traditional sector, international or local, has its own particularities and will attract different investor profiles... who will have to be convinced!

Make the right choice

The 3Fs (Family, Friends and Fools), Business Angels (private investors), Venture Capital funds (private or public investment companies) may be your future allies who will not only be able to finance your growth but who will also help you in your development. With good targeting, excellent preparation and a little luck, you will be able to partner with " smart money " that will bring you not only financial resources, but also the expertise and the network that your company needs.

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