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The StartLab story

A Journey Fueled by Passion, Collaboration, and Innovation. Established by ULB professors Olivier Witmeur and VUB Professor Thomas Crispeels, our trilingual incubator, nestled within Brussels' prestigious universities, is on a mission to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. We provide young minds with the knowledge, expertise, and network necessary to embark on their start-up ventures, shaping a brighter future.

Creation of Start.LAB
Creation of Start.VUB
Fusion Start.LAB & Start.VUB

Our mission

Provide young entrepreneurs with the most effective support in developing their future or existing businesses. We are driven by ambition, delivering top-notch programs and services in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. As pioneers, we always seek progress, results, and innovation.

Our Values

We challenge

To achieve success we think outside the box, we question and examine our ideas, beliefs and assumptions. Our commitment lies in the constant development, expansion of our skills, knowledge and resources.

We are family

We cherish our diverse community. Our network consists of individuals from variedbackgrounds, experiences and cultures, all united by a deep sense of camaraderie. We firmly believe in the power of sharing, understanding that caring for each otherfuels our collective growth.

We make difference

Our goal is to create meaning and purpose. We participate in shaping a brighter future, fostering positive impacts on society through our entrepreneurs.

We care

At our core, we prioritize people. We believe a start-up’s success relies on the entrepreneur(s) driving it forward. That’s why we foster a nurturing and supportive environment that empowers them to unlock their full potential. We are attentive and responsive, always ready to listen and assist.

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If you’e passionate about empowering young talents, driving innovation and making a positive impact on society, consider joining our amazing team!
Lea Buddingh
Marketing & Com' manager
Caroline Cogels
Managing director
Thomas Crispeels
Academic director
Julie Janssens
HR & Admin manager
Marie Lambert
Program manager
Eleonore Van Der Loos
Program manager FR
Manon Van Passel
Office manager
Olivier Witmeur
Academic director
Open Position
Program manager NL/ENG
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