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Answers to the most common questions
What is a start-up incubator?

A start-up incubator is a dedicated organisation or space that offers support to entrepreneurs and young start-ups.It typically provides a range of resources, services and infrastructure to help start-ups develop and succeed, such as mentoring, access to a network of contacts, workspace, training and strategic advice. Selected start-ups can join the incubator and benefit from these resources for a fixed period.

Why join StartLab.Brussels?

Joining our program elevates your potential to bring your project tolife and experience a 90% chance of long-term success, leading to a thriving business within just 3 years. You'll also be an integral part of our vibrant community of like-minded, passionate, ambitious, and driven entrepreneurs, allwhile gaining exclusive access to:

  • Enriching workshops to create and/or boost the growth of your start-up
  • An experienced team: our entrepreneurs in residence, experts, trainers, not forgetting the Startlab.Brussels team.
  • Group and individual coaching
  • A la carte masterclasses to personalize your support: digital marketing, sales, business model, pitching, financial solutions and financing.
  • One of the most dynamic entrepreneurial communities in Brussels. You'll have access to our events, afterwork, peer coaching, and more.
  • Access to coworking: More than just a place to work, coworking at StartLab.Brussels is a place where you can discuss your project and have a coffee to unwind. You'll also have access to meeting rooms for your important meetings.
How do I join StartLab.Brussels?

Startlab.Brussels operates bi-annual programs:one in February and one in October. To join the Program, you will need tosubmit an online application. You will then be invited to attend an interviewto pitch your idea or project. Following the interview, you will be informedwhether or not your application has been successful.

Who can join the program?

We welcome individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 (*) who are driven by passion, motivated, and prepared to invest their time and energy into their entrepreneurial project. It's your opportunity to kickstart or further develop your entrepreneurial venture.

(*) If you're older than 30, a cost-based pricing option is available.

At what stage of development should my project be before I apply?

Your project can be at any stage, from the moment it's a spark in your mind to its developmentand beyond. Not sure if your project is the right fit, the kind of assistance you need, or where you are in the development process, simply register for our program. Meet with our program managers, and together, we'll discuss how we can tailor our support to your unique journey.

How do you choose which projects to accept into the program?

At Startlab.Brussels, we prioritize motivated individuals over specific projects. Our main focus is on supporting dedicated entrepreneurs who are ready to put inthe work for their projects. We have a keen interest in ideas that are innovative, ambitious, and environmentally sustainable, with a positive societal impact. However, we know that the ultimate test of a project's worthiness is in the hands of its clients on the market.

How long does the incubation program generally last?

At Startlab.Brussels, our incubation program is designed in several phases tomatch the advancement of your project. Each phase is of a duration of approximately 1semester and you'll receivesupport for a maximum of three years. Beyond that, you'll become a valuedmember of our alumni community.

Face-to-face / virtual?

The incubation program takes place face-to-face. However, some meetings with experts are organized virtually.

Where is Startlab.Brussels located?

Startlab.Brussels is located in Brussels:Boulevard Saint Michel 61 1040 Etterbeek.

Does Startlab.Brussels take a share of ownership in start-ups?

Startlab.Brussels does not take a share of ownership in incubated start-ups. However,when a company grows and becomes a success, we expect it to give back and allowthe new generation to have access to our services, just as they did.

Does Startlab.Brussels offer financial support?

Startlab.Brussels does not provide financial support in the form of grants or loans. Instead, we connect you with a network of potential investors and financial players. Additionally, we offer guidance to help you create a solid financial plan and prepare you topitch effectively when meeting potential investors.

Which sectors are accompanied by the startlab?

Startlab.Brussels is a generalist incubator that welcomes and supports start-ups from all sectors of activity, without restriction as to field of expertise or industry, whether it be technology, health, fashion, agri-food, energy, financial services,education, crafts, the environment, or any other sector.

How do I know if Startlab.Brussels is the right choice for my start-up?

If you're seeking a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who face similar challenges and want to collaborate, share insights, and grow together, then Startlab.Brussels is your ideal destination. If you require structured, customized support to establish a strong foundation for your project, ourprogram, team, and community are the perfect choice. 

How much does it cost to be supported by Startlab.Brussels?

You are under 30

You can access our program, workshops, and coworking spaces free of charge.

In return, we ask you to actively engage with the community and lend a hand when needed, whether it's during events or sharing your experiences. Once your business achieves certain revenue milestones like €100,000 or €1 million, we kindly request a one-time contribution of €2,999 or €9,999 (excluding VAT) respectively. This payment enables us to continue offering opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs in the future.

You are 30

If you turn 30 in the year of your application, the program remains free throughout your journey at StartLab. No charges will be incurred throughout this entire period.

If you turn 31 in the year of your application, Our services are no longer government-subsidized, and a cost-based fee of €3,000 (excluding VAT) per semester is applicable.

You are 31 or older

If you are 31 or older, our services are not government-subsidized, and we ask for a cost-based fee of €3 000 (excluding VAT) per semester.

If you have additional questions or require further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us through the contact form above.

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