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Founder of Kazidomi, an e-commerce platform for healthy, sustainable shopping without breaking the bank.

« StartLab.Brussels has helped us a lot and has contributed to our success. It is above all a community, an incredible opportunity to really feel the entrepreneurial vibe and be in constant relation with other young entrepreneurs.  »

François Kiesecoms
Founder of Legacio, successions made easy.

« When you launch a start-up, it is important to be surrounded by experienced people. With StartLab.Brussels, we have the opportunity to meet and share our experience with a lot of interesting and passionate people. It is a real pleasure to be working there! »

Nora d'Ursel
Founder of Sample Slow Jewelry, quality jewelry with clean design handcrafted in Brussels.

« For me, StartLab.Brussels is like a big breath of fresh air. There, I get to meet other entrepreneurs who all have such original projects. It is by talking with them that I get a lot of inspiration for my project and that is what I love most about the place! Thanks to the coaches’ support, I can better structure my ideas and easily move forward. I am delighted to be a part of this super dynamic and collaborative team. »

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