9 start-ups @StartLab.Brussels founded or co-founded by WOMEN entrepreneurs

Simply Natural Lab ,  co-founded by Candice

Candice is a vegan dietitian and nutritionist. After working for 3 years at Danone, she became a kitchen expert and barista in Frankfurt. Fond of cooking healthy and tasty food, she is also creative and addicted to sport.

Candice & Joff

She paired up with Jof, an ex-KPMG technology consultant and together they founded Simple Natural Lab. They produce and sell raw superfood snacks, fitting perfectly for people who follow a healthy lifestyle, and who care about their environmental impact.

Candice is the chief in the kitchen, she prepares all the recipes.

Willing to reduce their impact on the environment and to improve their impact on the society, the energy balls they produce are prepared in an adapted work company and delivered with minimum waste – they use only bulk ingredients, recycled and recyclable materials.

Inmersiv technologies ,  co-founded by Diana


Diana is co-founder and CEO of Inmersiv technologies, a company specialized in the development of technological and therapeutic tools based on sensory stimulation.

During her studies in a school of graphic research, she came across Maxime Jacobs, her co-founder, developing SAM (Autonomous Multisensory System), the technology proposed by the company.

This tech project aims to give a new digital solution for institutionalized people suffering from anxiety, depression, major neurocognitive disorders or autism spectrum disorders.

Craffiti ,  founded by Julie


Julie, born and raised in Brussels, created a place where people could re-connect or connect with their creativity.

Willing to have a positive impact on others, to give and to share, in 2020, she had the idea of creating a place of life, of sharing, a community gathered around educational and constructive workshops.

Embroidery, painting, writing, stylism and much more is proposed during the workshops.

Okun ,  co-founded by Sophie & Apolline

These two decided to reinforce the team cohesion and self-development in companies through custom-made programs. Sophie created OKUN with the desire to improve wellbeing at work and Appoline joined the adventure in 2020.


OKUN is, again, an example of a project that aims to have a positive impact on people. By creating this company, the two women help others to develop themselves, mentally and physically, to strengthen the team cohesion and to recreate a link between coworkers. Finally, they help restore meaning and creating a corporate identity in the companies they partner with.

Appoline and Sophie, through OKUN, are participating in the development of the corporate world of tomorrow.

Es Vedra ,  co-founded by Tamara

Es Vedra was born from the idea of a couple, Tamara and Antoine. In this adventure and in life, Tamara doesn’t go without Antoine and Antoine without Tamara. More in love than ever, those love birds wanted to demystify and modernize sexuality.

Antoine & Tamara

Es vedra is a lube that care for bodies and values, with a minimalist and elegant design, Es Vedra is intended to redefine sexual wellness and aims for a better intimacy for everybody.

Launched several weeks ago, Es vedra is the promise of precious time.

Sample Slow Jewelry ,  founded by Nora

Creation of a ring

Sample Slow Jewelry was founded by Nora, fond of jewelry and entrepreneurship. She started an apprenticeship in jewelry making in Brussels after her management studies at ICHEC.

Sample is now a 3-women show… Nora, Marie and Julie, they propose and sell their own creations. All of the creations are thought to be sustainable thanks to the use of noble materials.

Since 2020, Nora proposes to her customers to create their own jewelry during workshops.

E-Bloom ,  co-founded by Margot


E-bloom helps companies of 100 to 500 people who want to boost employee’s engagement and fulfillment, thanks to continuous monitoring and measuring of the team’s experience and feeling within the company.

This is possible through a digital tool that allows employees to continuously express their feelings in order to provide real-time insights to management.

Margot and Jasper created E-bloom after their studies at Louvain School of Management. Aware of the increasing unhappiness at work, they decided to create a positive impact on daily life at work. Few months after launching the project, Marco joined the team and is now CTO.

MilaVictoriaYoga ,  founded by Victoria

MilaVictoriaYoga is an online yoga studio, a YouTube channel, a podcast, yoga’s mats , some events and collaborations. Behind all of this, there is Victoria, a yoga teacher.


Working into the fashion and art industries, she faced health, mental problems, and a broken heart. She needed to find meaning in her life again. That’s when she found yoga, “this meeting changed my life, forever” she writes in a website; reconnecting with herself, finding self-confidence, Victoria found a new way of living.

Today, her mission, she said, is to help people, the ones that are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, broken, stressed to help them reconnect through yoga class and meditation, with their true-self and to accept who they are.

Medina Fair Lab ,  founded by Ons

Ceramic vases collection

Ons, Belgo-Tunisian, created Medina Fair Lab, a small medina in the heart of Brussels, online first and now in real life. She proposes products of decoration, handmade by Tunisians.

With this project, Ons wants to give back the recognition Tunisians craftsmen should have, offering them fair trade and respect for their creation and personality.

Moreover, Ons wants to give life again to ancestral know-how that aims to disappear with the sanitarian crises that impacted Tunisia. Indeed, the country lives mainly from tourism, which stopped with the Covid crisis. With this Medina, Ons offers a second breath to this ancestral know-how and to those craftsmen.

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