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Give entrepreneurs the opportunity to access your expertise and skills allowing them to amplify their growth and impact. Become their reference point in your field and build lasting relationships.

Selyne Bourleau
Co-owner of NMK and Cofounder of Startup My Brand.

« Being an expert at StartLab is as much about meeting new people as it is about sharing experience and knowledge. The greatest reward? Seeing all these projects take on their purpose and achieve their first successes! »

Thomas Daenen
Founding partner Beyond Law Firm

« Discovering innovative projects and advising them is part of Beyond Law Firm's DNA. Diversity, professionalism and good humor are always present at the StartLab. It's a pleasure to be an expert in this dynamic environment! »

Infos pratiques

You are an established business/consultant in a specific domain (law, marketing, finance,...).

You or one of your employees is available a few hours every last friday of the month.

You answer topic-related questions during 45 min free consultation sessions.

You help several projects.

You are ready to arrange 1-1 physical or virtual meetings with the mentee.

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