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Laurence Wilmet
Founder of KingCustomer.

« Meeting these young entrepreneurs is very inspiring. I'm thrilled to be able to help them better understand their (future) customers and bring their idea to life, making sure it meets a real need. »

Frederic Ooms
Assistant professor at HEC Liège Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

« Coaching young entrepreneurs is a constant source of inspiration for me. Their energy, both stimulating and contagious, never ceases to motivate me to refine and reinvent the entrepreneurial coaching methods I offer, ensuring that they remain relevant, innovative and adapted to the current and future challenges of our society. »

Infos pratiques

You are an industry-leading trainer.

Workshops within our program helping entrepreneurs develop their business according to the Lean Start-up methodology.

Workshops outside of the program on other topics (videomaking, marketing,…).  

Format: 3-5 hours on weekdays during the evening, occasionally on weekends.

Group settings of 15 to 30 people.

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