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Keep your entrepreneurial spark alive by empowering the next generation. Guide them through their journey, share your experience, witness their growth and contribute to their success within a dynamic community.

Arthur Skenazi
Economist - Entrepreneur.

«  Setting ambitious and realistic goals as a budding entrepreneur, getting started with concrete actions and getting results isn’t always easy. As a coach, I find it a pleasure to help young entrepreneurs both keep focus on the strategic "bigpicture" and respond to all kinds of tactical day-to-day opportunities and problem-solving.  »

Daphné Vlerick
Cofounder Pulsitive Impact.

« Entrepreneurship is a long marathon. So, just like in sports, I support entrepreneurs by giving them the methods and tools they need to develop and grow at their own pace. »

Glenn Vanderlinden
Cofounder at Human37.

« At Start.Lab entrepreneurs receive all the support they need to get a taste of entrepreneurship. The interaction between an entrepreneur and coach, as myself goes both ways, making it very instructive for me, as well. »

Nicolas Debray
Managing Director @Hakacia.

« An entrepreneur needs to find a sparring partner in his or her coach, who can provide a different perspective on a given situation. This allows them to prioritize, focus and implement. »

Practical info

You are a seasoned entrepreneur or you have experience coaching talents.

You are available a few hours each month.

You give personalized guidance to 1 or 2 projects.

You are ready to contribute during at least 1 semester on a voluntary basis.

You are ready to arrange 1-1 physical or virtual meetings with the mentee.

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